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New Lord Mayor.
« on: 09:55:22, 27/05/11 »
Well as predicted he won.  Now he surrounds himself with his yes men.  Labour all the way.   Promises flow from his mouth like rain.  I see the Golden Mile will be getting a good cut.  It looks drab.  How many shop keepers could give their shop fronts a wash and brush up or even get off their backsides and do a little painting. No they want someone else to pay. Me and you.  I asked him about the ruins of Braunstone Hall. Local councillors are working hard on the Hall he said.  Strange that the very same people who stopped Regeneration money for the Hall and gave it to the Council.  His friends fixed his wages and expenses; you know them as the independent panel.   Now with most of our history and historic building demolished Braunstone Hall falling apart how much more can the City take?  Still he will blag the people and many will fall for his tripe.    8)

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