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Roman/Iron age Reenactment Group
« on: 12:52:27, 30/06/11 »
       I am considering forming a historical reenactment society in Leicester. It would represent both civillians and soldiers from the 1st century AD as well as demonstraing gladiatorial combat. I have been involved in Roman reenactment for 21 years and have the support of several established Roman societies. Regular training sessions and discussion meetings will be held. Leicester has a rich and varied Roman and Iron age history with numerous historical sites in the area. Leicester has other reenactment groups but nothing representing the epoch of Roman history in the area. If you have an interest in Roman or celtic history or reenactment please contact me.


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Re: Roman/Iron age Reenactment Group
« Reply #1 on: 22:28:19, 02/08/11 »
Hi ,interesting topic ,my grandfather was the caretaker and guide at the roman forum ,I only went there a couple of times but  my sister Shirley who contributes to this site spent alot of time with  him there and seems quite knowledgable compared with me who knows nothing, i will tell her about your topic so hopefully you might get some response,  best of luck

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