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No Help.
« on: 08:59:47, 19/08/11 »
It seems we are very near the death of the NDC regeneration program that should have helped Braunstone Estate improve.  50 million of your tax money squandered by the Elite.  Local residents fought and gained the funding only to be pushed out.  Before the cheque hit the floor the vultures were circling the estate fingers twitching to get their paws on the dough, sorry to say they did big time. Many cries for help was made by residents to the media including the Mercury and Radio Leicester in vain, we were branded crooks dissidents and thugs while the Elite emptied the safe. The funding was controlled by the Labour party, squandered on every mad cap project run of course by those on 60k a year plus expenses. Over 60 staff was parachuted in, only 2-3 lowly jobs for the locals. Not one project as produced a future for the estate most projects collapsed after YOUR money ran out.  Those left and on their knees. The Leading Labour lights were rewarded with OBEs for services to the labour party.   Ah yes they did build a library for the Council.  Then they built a office block for the PCT and called it an health centre.  Braunstone Hall stands rotting away. Now our only hope for justice lies in the Court of Justice, we will not hold our breath as the system as screwed Braunstone and the residents too much already.  50 million where buried on the park, I doubt it. They left nothing for Braunstone only the bones. 8)

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