Author Topic: A mad world we now live in.  (Read 1346 times)


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A mad world we now live in.
« on: 10:26:32, 25/08/11 »
Well that did not take long did it?  Mayor condemns Mayor, Councillors condemn each other.  Ex Council Leader as a go at the joke Elected Mayor.  What a Council?  What a farce; Councillors complain they are excluded from the inner circle and have little or no say in the council. 
Now I asked one of my elected Labour Councillors a question and told he must ask his solicitors advice first.  Why?  It appears three local councillors are involved in a Court Case over Racial Abuse or something.  I am not involved in any court Action in any way.  So why must a Councillor seek legal advice before dealing with a resident.  A mad, mad world.   8)

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