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braunstone rubbish dump
« on: 16:07:39, 02/11/11 »
braunstone rubbish dump was off of golf course lane "a k a" airport lane. used to play there all the time. not always play sometimes we;d be looking for anything that was eatable. as we did not have money in those day,s but life was so much back then. i remember going to the dump one sunday there was about six of us . when we got there we noticed a cake van um. anyway  we started hearing gun shots . we assumed that they were coming from hinckley rd spinney so seeing that they were so far away we would help ourself,s to some cakes. which we did sorry guy,s . there also was a factory there i beleive they made springs for trucks . the factory was actually a hanger for aircraft  8) 8)

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