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New Walk Museum & Art Gallery
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Leicester's oldest museum, New Walk Museum & Art Gallery has wide-ranging collections spanning the natural and cultural world. The museum has a coffee shop, and is also a venue for musical performances and weddings.

Across the Board - Around the World in 18 Board Games
28th January - 30th April 
Across the Board features an assortment of board games from around the world and throughout the ages. The highlight of the exhibition is a number of Lewis Chessmen; 12th century, delicately carved walrus ivory chess pieces found on the Isle of Lewis that were recently voted one of the British Museum's top ten treasures. They were also used as the model for 'Wizard's Chess' in the film, Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. Other games on display include the Roman Duodecim Scripta, Egyptian Senet, Snakes and Ladders from India, the Royal Game of Ur and Mancala, which is played widely in Africa. See the games, learn the rules and have a go at the many replica games on display.

Unseen Island Life
14th January - 2nd April
This powerful collection of photographs of the Caribbean, taken during 1908 - 09 by colonial officer Sir Harry Johnston, provide a rare glimpse of everyday life in Barbados, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad at the turn of the century. The exhibition addresses issues around colonial attitudes to race and provides three strands of interpretation that link Johnston's original captions to comments by the Jamaican colonial art historian Dr Petrine Archer-Straw and members of two London based social centres for African Caribbean elders. The Johnston family donated the collection to the Royal Geographical Society's archive in 1933.

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