Author Topic: Ever been ripped off or scammed? The BBC want you!  (Read 1676 times)


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Brand new BBC consumer affairs series "The Legalizer" is looking for people who feel they've been ripped off or scammed by cold calling high pressure sales.

The Legalizer has just gone into production and aims to show consumers how they can fight for their rights, through the courts if necessary.

The Legalizer is presented by a highly qualified barrister who will use his knowledge of the justice system to show citizens that are feeling cheated, ripped off or badly treated they are not helpless and can use the law to resolve things for themselves.

The series aims to show viewers how the Small Claims Court process works and how they can get justice.

Fulcrum TV, the producers, would like to hear from people who feel that they are out of pocket through no fault of their own and want to take the matter further.

We are looking into cases of cold calling high pressure sales teams who miss-sell and over price goods and services, taking advantage of elderly or vulnerable people.

If you, a friend, neighbour or relative feels they've been ripped off like this and want to get their money back then get in touch.

Contact: 020 3372 8521 thelegalizer[at]

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