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Moonlight Sonata
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In November 14 1940 500 planes of the German
Luftwaffe bombed Coventry city center. Their code name
for this operation was Moonlight Sonata. Edna Viner
was an off duty probationary nurse.

Moonlight Sonata

A lovely starry moonlit night,
With extra incandescent light,
Parachutes with chandelier flares,
Edna Viner sits and stares.

Alighting from a city bus,
Bemused and blinking, what’s the fuss?
Air raid sirens howled and moaned,
“I bet it’s Birmingham she groaned”

“Not here I hope! it’s my night out,
My one and only drinking bout”
Then calling in to see her friend,
Her leisure time, soon to end.

At once, the symphony began,
Coventry reacts to Hitler’s plan,
Incendiary bombs clatter down,
Like Christmas lights all around.

Buckets of sand douse the flames
Ladies help in human chains,
Searchlights probed the sky around,
Fire engines bells resound

The sharp bark of Bofor guns,
The glistening sweat of Coventry’s sons,
High explosive bombs thud down,
To shake the heart of this boom town

Fire watchers on roof tops high,
Silhouetted against the sky,
Buildings seem to leave the ground,
Bricks and mortar spewed around..

The old Cathedral gets it next,
As if deserved of no respect,
High explosive bombs come first,
Then when the lofty steeple bursts.

Showers of incendiaries fall all round,
Blackening  the very ground,
Just one great wall of searing fire.
For any inside a funeral pyre.

Cov and Warwick’s hospital now.
All the staff survived somehow,
They worked all night and did their best.
Still 520 were laid to rest. Jobee ©©


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