Author Topic: Paid Volunteers Required for Scientific Study  (Read 1165 times)


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Paid Volunteers Required for Scientific Study
« on: 11:37:46, 16/02/12 »

Our research team at University of Leicester are investigating vision and require paid volunteers to complete some basic visual tasks.

Taking part in this study will require up to two visits (each approximately 1 hour long) to our research labs at the University of Leicester. You will asked to complete a number of basic visual tasks. These tasks involve visual acuity tests, much like those you would experience at a routine eye-check at the opticians. Other tasks involve identifying, focussing on and tracking objects that are presented on a computer screen. For each visit you will be reimbursed 10 cash for your time and up to 5 travel expenses (parking can be provided).

For more information please email me (Steve Badham) via my profile.

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