Author Topic: Daniel Lambert and Rolleston Street shoe factory 1975 ish  (Read 1450 times)


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My parents used to run the Daniel Lambert pub back in 1975/6 - I worked in the offices of a shoe factory on Rolleston Street - friends at the time were Sue Anthony (Madelin after she married) and Wendy who was married to George. Jane Botting was also a friend but not from work. Also various people from the pub itself.
Anyone remember me??

Dennis Neal

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Don't remember the pub but certainly remember the shoe factory from about 1943. My mother worked for them as an outworker (virtual slave labour)  and spent hours every day working on shoes as a "turner in". Hard work, but it helped to bring in a few shillings every week. I had the job of collecting a huge bag of new work and returning the completed work ready for finishing in the factory about three times a week, for which I received 6 pence (2.5p) pocket money!!! Happy days.

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