Author Topic: Need some info on several issues  (Read 1526 times)


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Need some info on several issues
« on: 18:16:13, 16/02/07 »
Hiya! My name's Antoni and I'm from Bulgaria. I have recently been admitted to the University of Leicester . I am planning  to visit( live there, actually :) );however, I cannot do that unless I have some background info on the city. Meaning, can I find some kind of job there as a student and if so, will it be easy. What about the accomodation? Will I be able to find a cheaper apartment?( cheaper than the university ones that is...) Furthermore do I have some kind of diploma to find a job,say a barman/waiter diploma and does it have to be an acreditted one? How about trasport? Is it expensive? Any student discounts? Can I stay at your place if I clean your room (just kiddin' ) Is the life expensive there- food, clubs, discos and so on... To sum I need every piece of information you have about the city :D I am quite curious about pretty much everything( yeah,yeah...I know...Curiosity killed the cat ^^ ) Thanks in advance :P


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Re: Need some info on several issues
« Reply #1 on: 10:11:00, 02/02/11 »
Hey Ire,
I suggest that you consult a study advisor. There are a couple of good sites online as well. Hope it helps.

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