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The sky lark
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The Sky Lark

We hardly see this twittering bird,
Mystery abounds only sounds are heard,
Pylons stretching for miles around,
Golden cornfields its terrain abound.

Moths and butterflies all in view,
After sucking the morning dew,
See the sparrow hawk fluttering high,
A scurrying rabbit catches its eye.

It drops like stone out of the blue,
A shimmering sun blurs its hue,
A startled rabbit sniffs the air,
Danger threatens must beware.

Its warren beckons yards apace,
Hope indeed in this deadly chase,
In it goes quick as a flash,
The screeching hawk lands with a crash.

High above the lark still sings,
What joyous melody this chatterbox brings,
All day long it entertains,
Only dusk can still this refrain.

Mystery surrounds this melodious bird,
Visual contact almost unheard,
Come days end it leaves the sky,
Still unsighted from human eye

Copyright - John Bishop - All rights reserved

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