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New Retail Shop!
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What if we can offer you quality branded clothes at "Primark" prices?!

There are plans to open new retail shop in Leicester. All process is at the first stages yet but we are moving forward. Let me introduce you "Unwanted ID" We will be selling original clothes at amazingly small prices. You will find a large variety of branded clothes, foot wear and accessories, all items graded "A" and "B" class.

-Unwanted items
-Customer returns
-Wholesale items
-Out of season

Rough price guidance, please take a look at some samples below...

Ties/Accessories ~1
T-shirt ~3
Dresses ~5
Toruses/Jeans ~5
Jumpers ~ 7
Coats/Jackets ~ 10

Feel free to comment, your opinion is important to us!

P.S. Find Unwanted ID on Facebook

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