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Walk with me

When I say I love you then,
Would you care to hear again
Your face reveals nought to me,
I feel I need to find some key.

Im okay within myself,
Would you care to trouble your self,
Ever thought to lower your pride,
Put personal feelings to one side.

Ever thought to be a girl,
With mind and body in a whirl,
To walk and talk then jest with me,
We'll sit beside some country tree.

Holding hands and being nice,
Let our lips touch once or twice,
I'll just admire your lovely face,
As bodies touch in warm embrace.

Lets sit beside that country pond,
Where you walk and seem so fond,
Where water boatmen skip and play,
Protected from the heat of day.

By weeping willows and fronded trees,
Swaying gently in evenings breeze,
Watch ripples form and circle out,
And baby ducks go walk about.

See speckled sunlight filter down,
On shimmering water that makes us frown,
And rustling reeds that gently sway,
Could it be where fairies play?

Tomorrow then do you agree?
I'll meet you by the village tree,
We'll walk and talk and kiss again,
When I say, I love you then.

John Bishop
Copyright - John Bishop - All rights reserved

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