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At first a misty stirring light,
Dewdrops glisten still and bright,.
The sun begins its dewy climb,
As itís done from dawn of time.

Something stirs in the bush.
Quickly silenced not to rush.
A misty meadow appears in view,
Bidding the silent night adieu.

Cowslips raise their sleepy heads,
Mottled sunlight slowly spreads,
Just a touch of gentle rain,
As birds begin their ancient refrain.

A young foal begins to rise,
Falling against its mothers side,
The air warms and starts its rise,
Mist disappears in a swirling glide.

The patter of rain begins to stall,
Just drips and drops from branches fall,
By the sides of a swirling brook,
Gnats and dragonflies feed and suck.

A gentle steam leaves horses sides,
As filtered sun their body chides,
Frolicking lambs skip and play,
Welcoming the heat of day.

The cool of morning says goodbye,
As skylarks ascend to hover on high,
We bid goodbye to another morn,
And wait the morrows refreshing dawn.

John Bishop
Copyright © - John Bishop 2004 - All rights reserved

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