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Brief Encounter
« on: 20:15:54, 23/03/07 »
Brief Encounter.

An uneasy glance across the room.
A second glance none to soon,
She’s looking at me that’s for sure,
She’s very smart with much allure.

The guys she's with seems to care,
His arm around a waist that's bare,
She turns him with his back to me,
Her eyes just say she can be free.

An uneasy wriggle in my seat,
Where and when can we meet?
Who is she then and what her name?
I sure enjoy this flirting game.

I reach the bar and get a drink,
Then ask the barmen, who's that in pink?,
He shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly,
I haven't a clue who she can be.

Im heading back to my seat,
Her lovely perfume my nostrils meet,
I think he's twigged it I saw him glance,
Our obvious glances spoiling the chance.

He then heads her to the door,
She gives that look what’s this for?
My stomach sinks we've lost our chance,
My brief encounter has no romance.


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