Author Topic: Some to chat about, I think he murdered those boys.  (Read 1860 times)


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 Richard 111.

2 Oct. 1452-22Aug. 1485.

In a cloud of suspicion he took the throne,
his brother the King he did bemoan,
his sons were bastards Richard declared,
Edward the eldest, ascent impaired.

Lord protector was Richards roll,
the dead King trusting him with control,
a great mistake by Edward the Fourth,
his Chamberlain, Hastings, Richard called forth.

Hastings, of Kirby Muxloe fame,
an impeccable record without blame,
supporting Richards protecting rank,
doing the job of royal think tank.

Guards arrested Hastings, ushered him out.
Traitor! Richard was heard to shout,
his head removed without trial,
Richard enraged, showing no guile.

The young Princes fate now sealed,
Richards intentions were revealed,
they disappeared without trace,
Richard behind the Coup de Grace.


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