Author Topic: Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the Clinic is preparing to re-open its doors!  (Read 1796 times)


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Channel 4ís medical series Embarrassing Bodies: Live From the Clinic is preparing to re-open its doors and a team of GPís, including Dr Christian Jessen and Dr Dawn Harper will be offering live consultations via webcam to concerned viewers from the comfort of their own homes.
 If youíve got a medical condition youíd like some advice on, then go to our website for an application form or call 0121 2248395. Donít worry if youíre not good with computers or donít have a webcam, our production team will guide you through. So, donít sit at home worrying, get in touch now!
 EmbarrassingBodies: Live From The Clinic is looking for volunteers to take part in a number of health checks
 LIVE in the studio
 From sports teams, students & social clubs to work colleagues,
 friends &family
 Together youíll be taught by the UKís leading medical experts including Dr Dawn Harper and Dr Christian Jessen, how to spot any possible health problems; from skin conditions to signs of serious illnesses
 and by doing so, will help others to do the same.
 For more information call 0121 224 8395

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