Author Topic: Richard 111 Unfair Treatment to Philipa Langley  (Read 2299 times)


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We h Just returned from a visit to Leicester and whilst there visited the Richard 111 exhibition in the Guildhall. We were astounded and think it to be quite shameful that the exhibition almost totally ignores the very person who's hard work and dedication made the whole project get off the ground.
It took her three years and work, persuading authorities, raising funds,planning and commissioning the archaeological work, overseeing the whole process in Leicester miles from her own home
Yet whilst the exhibition gives wall covering areas to the 'experts' and their valuable contributions, there is on small plate almost hidden, (we had to have it pointed out to us as it is almost obscured when you enter the building) thanking her for her contribution. Quiet shameful ! We were informed that a new exhibition is planned, lets hope you have the decency to include this remarkable lady and her tireless efforts to get it going       


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Re: Richard 111 Unfair Treatment to Philipa Langley
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Hear! Hear!  She deserves a lot more credit than she has thus far received.  Watched a documentary on TV the other evening about Henry VII who defeated Richard III at Bosworth Field.  Evidently Henry had no royal lineage himself but possessed royal connections only by marriage.  Evidently his father was a servant but having defeated a king it was the done thing to seize the former wearer's crown and take on the job yourself.  The defeated and slain Richard Crookback as he was called has been historically termed as a bit of a tyrant but in recent times his reputation has been reevaluated and may have been a better king and character than was previously thought. 

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