Author Topic: How people spend their free time in Leicester  (Read 3130 times)


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How people spend their free time in Leicester
« on: 18:30:42, 28/08/13 »

Hello, everybody!
I am a student from De Montfort University, and I am preparing a report about "how people spend their free time in Leicester". I am here for just 2 months and I still do not know the local people, so I was wondering if you do not mind in answer the questionnare that I prepared. It is very quick.

How people of Leicester spend their free time[/font][/b]
Please, take a moment to help us with this questionnaire about free time. If you have any question, feel free to ask.[/font]
1. Gender: [/font]
□   [/font]Female[/font]
□   [/font]Male[/font]
  2. Nationality:[/font]
□   [/font]British [/font]
□   [/font]European[/font]
□   [/font]Other nationalities [/font]
  3. Age:[/font]
□   [/font]Under 20[/font]
□   [/font]20-30[/font]
□   [/font]Over 30[/font]
  4. Your occupation:[/font]
□ [/font]Employee  (Full time)[/font]
□ [/font]Employee  (Part time)[/font]
□ [/font]Student (Full time)[/font]
□ [/font]Student (Part time)[/font]
□ [/font]Unemployed[/font]
□ [/font]Pensioner[/font]
□ [/font] No answer[/font]
   5. Do you live in Leicester?[/font]
□   [/font]Yes[/font]
□   [/font]No[/font]
  6. Where do you use to spend your free time?[/font]
□   [/font]Indoors[/font]
□   [/font]Outdoors[/font]
  7. In your free time, what types of leisure activities do you do the most?[/font]
□   [/font]Sports   [/font]
□   [/font]Shopping[/font]
□   [/font]Visit friends and family [/font]
□   [/font]Internet Surfing[/font]
□   [/font]Outdoors spaces (Parks, beaches)[/font]
□   [/font]Pubs[/font]
□   [/font]Clubs[/font]
□   [/font]Cinema [/font]
□   [/font]Other: [/font]
  8. With whom do you usually spend your free time?[/font]
□   [/font]Family[/font]
□   [/font]Friends[/font]
□   [/font]Colleagues  [/font]
□   [/font]Alone[/font]
□   [/font]Other: [/font]
  9. When would you do more leisure activities?[/font]
□   [/font]Weekdays[/font]
□   [/font]Weekend[/font]
□   [/font]No difference [/font]
  10. [/font]From the list, which event do you want to be on regularly in Leicester?[/font] [/font][/font]
□   [/font]Festivals[/font]
□   [/font]Concerts[/font]
□   [/font]Theatre[/font]
□   [/font]Other: [/font]
  11. Do you think your free time is enough for you?[/font]
□   [/font]Yes[/font]
□   [/font]No[/font]
  12. Do you think that Leicester is a good place to spend your free time?[/font]
□   [/font]Yes[/font]
□   [/font]No. Suggestion: [/font]
□   [/font]Not sure.[/font]

 [/font]Thank you very much for your participation![/font]


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Re: How people spend their free time in Leicester
« Reply #1 on: 15:53:37, 31/08/13 »
Why not put that up on survey monkey?

Tell us what you want the information for, and how you will use/analyse it. Is it personal research, or are you using it for your course?

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