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Castle Inn, Castle View
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In Castle View, next to the Turret Gateway, there is a building still in existence which was called the Castle Inn ([size=78%]). [/size]I'm trying to establish the history of this building because I have a 3g grandfather who took over a Castle Inn in Castle View in 1840, and in an advert he placed in the Leicestershire Mercury he referred to it having "undergone a complete repair" which suggests it pre-dated 1840 by some margin.

The building in the photo doesn't look that old (perhaps late Victorian?) which is why I'm wondering whether it might have replaced earlier premises. Can anyone throw some light on the history of the Castle Inn?

Thanks, Roger


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Re: Castle Inn, Castle View
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I have been researching the history of the Inns and public houses of Leicester and research to date reveals the earliest
date listing the 'Castle Bowling Green Inn' at 12 Castle View as 1815.
Various name changes since include 'Leicester Castle', 'Black-a-moor Lady', 'Castle Inn' and 'Old Castle'. 

The landlord listed for 1835-41 was Daniel Christian (followed by John Nokes and then Sarah Nokes).
The building closed as a pub in the early 1970's.


Barry Pole

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Re: Castle Inn, Castle View
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Morning all. the pub at the castle was a very tiny place with a piano ,in the 60s, I worked at SD Strettons just around the corner, Fridays was the Castle Pub at lunch time. Its a shame all the places with interest are basically going or gone.

I see from reading local paper most of the old hosiery buildings are being knocked down, old pubs and various buildings around Leicester really should be protected, however like all places money talks.

In Wellington NZ, a huge number of old waterfront warehouse have gone, to make way for commercial buildings right on waterfront, that stand empty at weekends. I would love to see the canals around Leicester cleaned up and tow paths all looking smart, living in a old converted mill along side would be great.


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Re: Castle Inn, Castle View
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Thanks, both, for your comments. John Nokes was my 3g grandfather and he placed an advert in the Leicestershire Mercury of 5 September 1840 telling his "... numerous Friends and the Public in general ..." that he had "... taken and entered upon The Castle Inn, or Mount, Which has undergone a complete repair, with considerable improvements ...". The advert is signed off "Castle View, Aug 27th, 1840".

Therefore, this states that he was in possession of the Castle Inn in late 1840 and thus that Daniel Christian had left by this time.

The Leicester Chronicle reported the death of Daniel Christian in its edition of 3 October 1840 ("... in his 40th year ... late of the Mount..."). Perhaps Christian had been ill for a while and had had to give us the pub sometime before his death.


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