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Job Description
Santander Select is a new differentiated service for our affluent customers. We are expanding our service for additional Select customers, allowing them to benefit from access to a dedicated remote team (Select Centre) that will interact with the customer through telephone and email
The Select Managers will act as single/initial point of contact for all the financial and servicing needs of our customers, helping to make their lives easier.

Our Select Customers:
Select Customers are an important segment within Santander’s customer base and will be those that combine certain criteria related to their engagement level with the Bank, CTO, Savings, Investments and property value.

The role of the Select Managers is to manage any financial or servicing need of our Select customers:-

  • To provide an exemplary telephone service experience for Select customers and satisfying any other financial needs our customers have.
  • To drive overall customer loyalty and segment value through inbound reactive servicing and outbound opportunity contact at key product/life events.
  • At all times to focus on deepening customer relationships by providing a simple, seamless and efficient service whilst ensuring commercial opportunities are identified and capitalised upon.
  • Consultants are expected to take ownership of, and resolve, complex or time consuming queries whilst providing support to the Select Relationship and Branch Managers to ensure our Select customers receive a truly multichannel and holistic experience.
  • This could imply interactions with other specialized areas of the bank while holding responsibility for a seamless customer experience.

  • The Successful Candidate will:

  • have a minimum of 12 months experience in Santander telephony service or commercial roles (e.g. Multichannel or TD)
  • have an excellent track record in Service. They will take a genuine interest in understanding what is important to the customer, ensuring they get full benefit from the services and products they hold with Santander, and they will take full responsibility for the overall customer experience. 
  • be commercially minded with the capacity to understand customers financial needs, satisfy these needs directly for basic non-advised products, and identifying and coordinating referrals opportunities for advised products
  • have excellent interpersonal and communication skills over the telephone and email.
  • They will also have a very strong team ethos – they work as a team, giving service to any Select customer, and other colleagues from TD and Branches. We would expect Select Consultants to serve at least 12 months in the role unless the move is by reason of promotion.

    Successful candidates will complete pre course learning and attend a Select specific training Academy. This is followed by on the job coaching and support. The Academy course will provide full details of the Select proposition and plenty of time to practice the Select approach to customer management.
    Select Consultants will be expected to hold authorisations to sell Savings, Banking, Credit cards, Personal Loans and Home Insurance. Additional time will be available to enable these to be obtained if necessary.

    On the Job:
    You will devote your time to responding to inbound customer calls and outbound calls,  supported by central marketing activity
    The role will also include contacting customers to introduce the Select proposition.
    You will also be expected to integrate fully with the team in which you operate, and to have the ability to work effectively with branches used by your customers. You will also have to interact with other servicing areas within the organisation to ensure our customers receive the best level of service. You will ensure Select is seen by your colleagues in all channels as an essential part of their objective to deliver excellent customer service.

    Additional Info:
    Salary/Role level
    Salary Range: £20,453 - £27,270
    Hours of work
    You will need to be flexible across 7-11, 7 days a week as you will be working on average 35 hours/week, predominantly between 8.00 am and 9.00 pm Monday to Friday with at least two Saturdays a month between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm.

    Click here to apply:

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