Author Topic: Hosiery Trade during Industrial Revolution  (Read 1605 times)


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Hosiery Trade during Industrial Revolution
« on: 16:11:44, 03/06/14 »

Can anyone help I am trying to find out the following for a project to do with the Hosiery trade in Leicester during the Industrial Revolution and need some facts which I'm finding difficult .I have searched websites but cannot find what I want so wonder if you guys have any knowledge for what I need .

Working Conditions & wages
Description of what was produced and how
Also any thing else that would help me as I have to make a poster that could be used to sell what was
Made .

Thanks in Advance

Dennis Neal

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Re: Hosiery Trade during Industrial Revolution
« Reply #1 on: 09:33:10, 04/06/14 »
There were in all probability hundreds of small factories in the hosiery trades, often not much more than a small house
During my childhood days in the late 20s and 30s I lived in a street of modest terraced houses and almost all the residents either went out to work in the factories or did work at home.
The out workers had to work very long hours for a very small return. They had to collect the work from the factories, spend hours at their treddle sewing machines and find time for shopping, cleaning and cooking.
It was certainly hard and very poorly paid.


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Re: Hosiery Trade during Industrial Revolution
« Reply #2 on: 12:00:27, 29/08/14 »
Would anybody know of any Hosiery manufacturers in or near Thurmaston during 1950 to 1970 or possibly Market Harborough 1970 - 1990.

It is for my own geneaology research, but struggling, a relative was a trimmer, but I cannot pin down any places.

Relative was Gordon Hall who lived in both places at these times.

Apologies if I have placed this in the wrong place.


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