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Amit Chatterjee coming to Leicester!
« on: 11:20:25, 18/09/14 »
Amit Chatterjee is a world renowned guitarist, sitarist, dubla player
 and composer who's worked with Santana, Joe Zawinul (Founder of Weather
 Report), Sting, Victor Bailey, Robert Thomas Jr., Eric Johnson and so
 many more collaborations including Netherlands Metropole Orchestra.
 His unique fusion of western and eastern music has made him more than
 adaptable throughout the globe, which has shown dominantly in his track
 He's coming to Leicester on the 2nd of October (2014) to perform with
 some local acts and afterwards do a Q&A for anyone interested in
 advancing in the music industry or even their guitar techniques and/or
 This is extremely exclusive and you will NOT want to miss it! It's a
 rarity that he performs live in the UK as it is, let alone such an
 intimate environment.
 The networking opportunity is not one to over look. People who know of Amit Chatterjee will already be high ranking in the industry and are highly likely to attend, as well as growing industry professionals who you could find yourself growing with. Huge opportunity for anyone looking to expand in the industry, particular with a relation to BCME!
You're not gonna want to miss out on this opportunity, and tickets are already in high demand with 20 ready to go.
Drop me a private message or send an email to doyledoesmusic2 @ gmail . com for additional info.

You can find Amit on Google with his website, Youtube videos and his Soundcloud. The BCME also appears on Google if you'd like to know more on the enterprise, check out

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