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The Granby Halls
« on: 10:08:14, 04/03/15 »
When I think of 'my' bygone Leicester, I suppose the place that has so many special memories for me (in the 60s and 70s), and no longer exists is The Granby Halls. In my case for three certain types of events.
The Ideal Home Life Exhibitions
Roller Skating
Rock Concerts
Of course Granby Halls was used for some many other different events and sports, but these were the ones I have the fondest memory of.
Even though I was only a kid (8 - 14), I always looked forward to the annual Home Life Exhibitions. Loads of demos, loads of foodstalls, and (more importantly), loads of freebies (hats, badges, balloons).
Then there was the Roller Skating. Probably the first time as a teenager I went out regularly on a Friday night. I heard people came from as far as Notts to the Friday night roller skate (even though they had an ice rink in Nottingham), such was it's allure. A great night out, even if the hall itself at that stage (late 70s) was a clapped out shell of a building, rusting away to an inevitable end.
Finally, the Rock Concerts ( those that were too big for the De Montfort Hall to host).
My first ever concert (everybody remembers their first ever concert)  was at the Granby Halls , the Boomtown Rats (at their peak in 79), I also saw The Police there in Dec 79 then The Who in 81. I even got in free to see Rainbow in 81. All great memories. Indeed before then the Halls had hosted some really legendary acts such as The Rolling Stones, Cream,  Yes, Rod Stewart, and Deep Purple to name a few.
For many reasons, The Granby Halls was never to last.. and whereas one could never call it a beautiful venue, it faithfully served the people of  Leicester for many many years.
Everybody must have a memory of the Granby Halls. What's yours?  :coolsmiley:

Barry Pole

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Re: The Granby Halls
« Reply #1 on: 21:18:14, 06/03/15 »
The Granby, yep roller skating, remember the snake everyone joined in a long line. Problem was I was useless at skating, always ended up with a huge blister on my right foot ?. They always played Roy Orbison music. The guy who ran the place must have been a fan.

I remember once in the 60s, fell over skating, had a box of matches in back pocket , and yep they went up, what a laugh. Now I watch kids on skateboards and think how the hell do they do that.

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