Author Topic: I am back! ! The Bell hotel  (Read 809 times)


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I am back! ! The Bell hotel
« on: 18:48:50, 17/04/15 »
Hi all. ..I have been away so long that I forgot my password so now under tharrison. .Instead of Tina Harrison
hope everyone is well. ..I am still writing and researching! !trying to keep The Bell Hotel alive while searching for my birth father....think it must be around 5 yrs now! I throw it out to any newbies! ! Any comments. .any stories. .memories. ..Chuck my way! Happy Friday :)

Graham Eaves

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Re: I am back! ! The Bell hotel
« Reply #1 on: 13:21:33, 29/06/15 »
Hi Tina

I was googling for something entirely different (but similar) when this forum and your posts came up from nowhere! I worked in the general office at The Bell 1966-1967 -- I have a photo of several staff taken at some sort of presentation (retirement?) made to a member of housekeeping. I tried to attach it to this but it's too large (!!) for this site -- if you send me your email address I can send it to you that way

I've been intrigued reading the posts (under your previous user name) but can't remember the Steve you're looking for. My fading memory (lol) only recalls Richard Strong (with me in the office), Mr Glass (headwaiter), Mr Freeman (the boss, who I was terrified of). I see posts from Bob Spencer -- I'm pretty sure he was going out with Jill from reception and his mum worked in one of the bars? I should remember Dave Wainwright who has posted lots of info but can't pin him down. I was really fond of receptionist Liz Lumby - and another receptionist (she was Welsh) and barmaid Bernadette (Irish - she wouldn't go out with me because I too young!); I was 16/17 and reckon I was 'fond' of anything in a skirt in those days (lol).

Happy memories Tina, the Bell was lovely -- afternoon teas served in the lounge were so quaint and - well, British!

I hope your search finds a happy end and, if you ever finish that book, I'll be first to buy a copy.


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