Author Topic: what defines us?  (Read 2026 times)


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what defines us?
« on: 15:11:37, 01/01/17 »
As we all wish one another a Happy New Year I would like to ask this question. ...what defines us?
For those of you who have been part of this forum for a long period of time you will know that I have been desperately(not said lightly)searching for my birth father who worked at the bell hotel. I have contacted social media. papers..been on the radio however as yet received no information linking me to him. I have hand written letters...and spent hoursupon hhours researching.  These things become ones life. ..It holds such importance that at times you feel that the end result 'defines' you.  I have learned that finding my birth father does not and would not make or change me as a person. ..just confirm part of my missing identity and curiously surrounding 'nature nurture'.
I will always feel the need and to search for the person who I am linked to through the geneticcoconnections and hope that one day I can be held in his arms. ..However does he ...will he define the person I am?....I say not
thank youffor taking the time to read my post and for all of you who have shared their memories of the bell hotel.


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what defines us
« Reply #1 on: 19:34:53, 31/03/18 »
lol, Hanzi, I agree with you totally on photography.  I completely agree that a good photograph can be art.  And youve made a great effort as to why it can be.

However...  The question remains: what is art?

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