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The missing lodger
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This is a `long-shot` enquiry!    In early 1942 a member of the Pay Corps who was stationed in Leicester, had lodgings with my parents and then my mother only when her husband joined up and went to the Med. I was conceived in March 1942 and I have confirmed that my registered `dad` was stationed in N. Africa at that time. A recent family revelation was this story with the lodger being my biological dad. A DNA check with my nearest male paternal cousin shows no match and the anecdotal information is strong. The only information I have is that my mothers name was Edith Grimshaw and she (and the lodger) lived in Leicester. The relationship endured until 1946 when husband was demobbed. He obviously knew about me and what happened on his arrival defies imagination!  Apparently afterwards surreptitious messages went between the parents -that`s my mother and the now removed lodger -  via a neighbour and I guess he might have been transferred elsewhere before being demobbed?  The only other link I have is Dewsbury, UK, and I vividly remember being there as a very young child with my mother in a house overlooking the viaduct and playing amongst bomb damage.  I have investigated this and the facts and places as I remember them are correct.  I have no family or other links with Dewsbury. The current family story is that the lodger came from `up North`- which cuts the numbers down a bit!  Pay Corps records, like most military records, are linked to name, rank and number, which I obviously do not have; local records have nothing of residents during the war period; and all the players, except me, are dead! Any ideas of how to trace the elusive lodger would be welcomed.  I am currently investigating my DNA links via Ancestry UK.  Thanks for looking. - The Grimble.

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