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« on: 00:18:57, 24/11/07 »
Im a hereford united fan,

!st of all (a bit late but would like to thank you of your support of the play off final of 2006)

You guys desreve so much better, just been reading about ian holloway on the bbc site and plymouth argyle site,

I dont really know much about yourselfs or plymouth but looking at holloway i cannot believe how much of a liar he is! 

4 days ago he was saying how much he loved the west country, laughing of claims he would join yourselfs then he gives a press confrence saying the only reason he joins the foxes is because of his 2 deaf kids???

I really admired ian before he joined yourselfs, but cannot believe how much of a liar, a prat and more honestly how unloyal he is to his formal club, i wish leicester all the best, hopefully they can get where they belong, (prem) but i really hope ian holloway fails,

England national need a new young manager, with plenty of ambition and my no 1 was ian, but reading about his lack of trust, and to be fair whats he ever achieved i just hope our manager graham turner dosen't get approached for the job, cus to be fair holloway is scum compared to graham turner,

Thanks again and i wish you all the best in the forthcoming season


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Re: Happy??
« Reply #1 on: 08:18:41, 14/02/08 »

Don't worry, when you support Leicester its all part of the side show. We're used to it by now  :P

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