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A poem for easter
« on: 12:15:11, 23/03/08 »
This is my fav, John.
It talks not of heros, but of regular everyday men and women.
A world of no guns, and governments who actually put the people first.
Of preserving our way of life by limiting the mass of new people brought into this world day after day.

John B

Would it better if men were more scared,
And women stopped praising he-men who dared,
Would it be better if tenderness reigned?
And blood and guts nerviest held and restrained.

Would it be better if modesty prevailed?
And we kissed and caressed all those who failed.
Ticker tape welcomes for those who are quiet.
Who mind their own business refusing to fight?

Me thinks would be better to stop making guns,
By spending the money on laughter and puns,
I hope in the future weíll think again,
And governments think deeply bout women and men.

The Animal kingdoms no problem at all.
Its humans thatís spreading and taking it all.
Should we consider our productive rate.
Lesson our urge to procreate.

China had fun with this little game,
Should we take stock and do the same,
Nature tells us to watch our stock.
Or we could be in for a blooming big shock.

I woke up this morning and this came to mind.
Silly old me just trying to be kind..
My lucid mind gave its best shot.
Im sorry folks but thatís all ive got

Yes Rosalita, I see population growth presenting huge problems in the future,
and ever growing illegitimacy could change the whole fabric of our society
unless we find answers.

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