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Golf it's easy
« on: 10:10:31, 02/06/08 »
Golf Itís Easy.

I cleaned and washed my ball last night,
I hope and pray for accurate flight,
My bag is spotless my clubs are clean,
Today Iím going to realise a dream.

At the crack of dawn I raise my head,
Checking to see the missus aint fled,
Sparrows atwitter and taking the Mick,
Today that golf course Iím gonna lick.

On the first tee I step up with pride,
I know it all, there's no need to hide,
Iíve got it this time thatís for sure,
Right arm close get some draw.

A quick look round to see there all here,
Today's the day I'll make that clear,
Just swing away and let it flow,
Zing ball zing like arrow from bow.

When I look down the balls still there,
My club head met with nothing but air,
The boys stay strait faced, eyes aglow,
Well, well, well , the lords Mayors show.

This clubs bent I swear for sure!
I aint buying Ping no more!
You carry on lads its going to rain,
My old back aches started again. :'(


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