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market harborough councillors pay rise
« on: 11:42:36, 04/02/09 »
Conservative councillors have shown just how out of touch they are with local people by including a 50% increase in their expenses as a priority measure into a draft budget to be considered by the ruling Tory executive on Harborough district council.

The proposal will boost their combined expenses by £86,000 a year.

This comes at the same time as many local people are fearful of losing their jobs due to the recession and Harborough District Council itself is looking to cut around 13 jobs.

The same budget also proposes increasing the District Councilís portion of the council tax this year by almost 4%. Leicestershire County Council have already announced that they are seeking a 3.5 per cent increase in their council tax take and with Parish councils, the police and fire services still to announce their requirements it could prove to be an expensive year at a time when people have less money to spend.

Harborough district BNP calls on Councillors to show that they are aware of the financial hardships a lot of people and businesses are facing at the moment and vote against giving themselves a pay rise at the full Council meeting on 23 February. The £86,000 saved could be better used keeping a few of the 13 Council staff facing redundancy in a job.

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