Author Topic: Castle Park and Surrounding Areas etc  (Read 1673 times)


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Castle Park and Surrounding Areas etc
« on: 21:10:28, 03/03/09 »
Heya people I'm looking for a bit of help really  :)

I'm doing a university project which has to be focused on a certain area of Leicester. I've got castle park, i basically have to research it etc. I have got photographs drawings and a rough idea of the history. I was just wondering if people could give me their views about the area and its development and conservation etc, but also....

-what you like/dislike about it?
-when would you go there? 
-who would go there?
-why would you go there?
-any personal stories or memories relating to the area

so pretty much absolutely anything which springs to mind no matter how random it may sound, it would help me greatly!

i would really appreciate any help with this and information, even if i get one reply i will be most pleased
 :) :)


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Re: Castle Park and Surrounding Areas etc
« Reply #1 on: 19:33:15, 31/08/09 »
If you are still around.  It was once called Sparrow Park by the locals.  Lived there 18 years till the poly took the area, in Gray Street off Mill Lane.  A wonderful area for kids to grow up. The old castle green where we swore we could see the beheaded bodies.  Rupert's Gateway we would lay in wait and scare people at night.  The Landmine that blew the back off the now Newark Museum.  The dense green thick smog, diving off the Newark Bridge into the canal for a tanner a time.  A ride on the gas works barge.  The copper directing traffic on his milk crate on West Bridge.  Then they call it progress.   

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