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Endeavour challenges and inspires young people to achieve;
Our model of personal social development motivates 'at risk' young people to move on to positive destinations.
Are you?
  interested and motivated to work with young people who can be challenging and may require encouragement to engage in outdoor activities.
  keen to provide stimulating and rewarding educational sessions
  qualified in 3 adventurous activities NGBs e.g. Mountain Leader, SPA, BCU Canoe or Kayak, GNAS, MTB, CWS, LCMLA
  qualified or experienced in: music, dance, drama, art, ICT or basic skills tuition, teaching or youth work
We have; opportunities the East Midlands, Derbyshire, Humber, South Yorkshire, North East and London (W. 10)

To apply to join our bank of freelancers; Please send your CV to [email protected] for an informal chat or more information please see

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