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Burgin/Cook(e)/Harrison/Findley/Oxendon St
« on: 11:17:28, 04/12/09 »
I was wondering if anyone could help me. 
I was looking for information on my grandad, he was adopted by Charles Arthur Burgin and his wife Frances Elizabeth Burgin (nee Slater).  My grandad's adopted name was Stanley Burgin b: 13 June 1920.  His older brother was also adopted by the Burgin's - his adopted name was Frederick Burgin - I have no details about him.  They also had a sister who was also adopted but by a different family.  Her adopted name was Eva Hurst who married Ernest George Johnson and had a child called Kathleen.  Charles and family lived in Highfields area of Leicester. I have been led to believe that my grandad and siblings original name was Cook(e).  Any information regarding this would be really appreciated.  I have been in touch with Southport but as I have very limited information it is unlikely that I will be able to obtain the adoption certificate for any of the above.
I am also looking for any reference to a shop that my family apparently had in the 1960's in Oxendon Street.  All I know about it is that it was a little corner shop and I believe it was owned/managed by Harrison or Findley - Ada Harrison or Ada and Arthur Findley.  Ada Harrison is my great grandmother and married Arthur.  (I have their marriage cert).
I am looking for any information that any one has for John (Jack) William Harrison ancestors.  He was caretaker/manager of Oadby Racecourse from late 1880's (when it moved from what is now known as Victoria Park to where it is now) till the 1960's.  He married Ada Dencher in early 1900's and have lots of information about the the Dencher side but nothing on the Harrison side.
Any information would be gratefully recieved.  Thank you


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Re: Burgin/Cook(e)/Harrison/Findley/Oxendon St
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I have now found the original births for Frederick, Eva and Stanley.  It appears that their parents died in 1925 and 1928 so hence the reason for the adoption.  Fortunately I have been able to find them as they kept their original names from birth.  Frederick was born 1917, Eva 1919 and Stanley - which we already knew was 1921.  Their name was Cooke.  If anyone knows any details of this family please get in touch. 

I am still looking for the other information that is listed in my previous post.  Still no luck on any of that.



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Re: Burgin/Cook(e)/Harrison/Findley/Oxendon St
« Reply #2 on: 22:44:22, 03/07/10 »
Hi, I've just had a brief look for information ref: Charles Arthur & Francis Elizabeth Burgin,  ;D  fortunately I think these details may in fact be them as in the 1911 Census.
BURGIN, Charles
Hosiery Warehouseman
Sproxton Leicestershire

BURGIN, Frances Elizabeth
2 years
Belgrave Leicestershire

RG14PN19239 RG78PN1151 RD407 SD2 ED22 SN151

113 Vulcan Road Leicester
Hope these help, I will have another look for further information
Good luck
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Re: Burgin/Cook(e)/Harrison/Findley/Oxendon St
« Reply #3 on: 19:36:02, 22/07/19 »
whoever you are , i am stanley burgins son Andrew.

Tina Harrison

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Re: Burgin/Cook(e)/Harrison/Findley/Oxendon St
« Reply #4 on: 21:31:55, 25/07/19 »
Good luck with your sesrches!...its interesting but can become quite consuming too!...I am a member of a few sites however there is a cost..although to some extent it has been helpful it pulls upon what knowledge  is already provided.
Keep it up...all the same!!!

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