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We're making a programme for BBC Television looking at personal finance stories especially about people's investments. Obviously we want to look at property as it's such a big investment for such a large portion of the population. I'm keen to speak to a couple/family buying a house for the long term, which they hope will be their best possible financial investment. This would include first time buyers who are keen to get onto the property ladder as well as someone moving up the property ladder to get a bigger place. The key factor with both these groups is that they see property , in the current financial marketplace (eg with savings rates at an all time low and the low cost of borrowing), as a good investment vehicle.

The idea is that we meet up with the potential buyer with our property expert who talks to them about the market, looks back over past trends and talks about investment for the future. They then go out and look at a couple of properties and so does he...they then compare notes, with the expert giving them a critique of the places they like and then taking them to the one that he thinks ticks all the long term investment boxes (factoring in maintenance, extra costs, etc).

We are planning do the filming in about a month so we need to find participants fairly soon, please email me at [email protected] if you may be interested or would like some more details,

Thank You
Rosanna Skirrow
BBC Current Affairs

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