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Re: Royal Leicestershire Regd
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Your son has done very well Alan and well deserves your obvious pride in his achievements. My eldest son joined the Army Apprentices and served 12 years altogether in the RE; he is now a Sergeant in the civvy police.  My eldest daughter did 10 years in the Intelligence Corps and I too, am very proud of what they have done and envious of some of the places to which they travelled!  However, if ever they had a moan, I used to tell them they volunteered!  Jazaroo I too, despair of this country today.  The Army being wasted in Afghanistan for no reason I can discern; the emasculation of the Navy in the scrapping of good ships; the slaughter of the RAF in scrapping of good aircraft, not to mention the redundancy of loyal technical staff.  Already we are told early Mark Nimrod aircraft are being deployed over Libya when we have put the sledgehammers through the later aircraft bought and paid for and which were supposed to have replaced them.  Madness or lack of forethought or what?  I have no faith in any politico any more.  Defence of the people, is supposed to be the first social service of any government but definitely not this one!


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Re: Royal Leicestershire Regd
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When I left Sunny Sands I was stationed at Corralis, which was a cold-water camp.
When at Sunny Sands I saw a type of home made water heater so I copied it. It boiled water in no time.
[Don't try this at home] you take a small tin and fasten a piece of wood across the middle about half to three quarter of an inch, then bend some fence wire round the wood [ Not saying how much wire of how far apart] with the live wire fasten to the coil and the other to the tin, it would boil about a gallon in about five minutes.
This got around, I made a number and I think a lot of other people copied them because, the first thing in the morning the lights in the camp would dip because of the demand.
One of these heaters was found, and an order went up at the camp, anyone found with one of these heaters, using it or not, would be serving time in the guardhouse.

Clive Cartwright

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Re: Royal Leicestershire Regd
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There's news that a plaque will be unveiled by Major General AJG Pollard on June 17th at 11.00am at the old Glen Parva Barracks, Tigers Road, South Wigston.

A statement from the editor of the Tigers in the News announced:

"It will be inserted in the outer wall adjacent to the main entrance of the Barrack area to mark the Regiment's historical presence at the Barracks. Those wishing to meet up with old pals are invited to go to the Wigston Club and Institute, on Blaby Road in the centre of Wigston by kind permission of Mr John Hall. The Mayor of Oadby and Wigston and her Consort will be present."


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Royal Leicestershire Regd
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what was the story about the german plane that offloaded some munitions in main street and the royal hotel in ww2, killing someone in main street?

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