Author Topic: Jongleurs 4th March Did we meet?????  (Read 1791 times)


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Jongleurs 4th March Did we meet?????
« on: 14:08:13, 04/04/06 »
Hi to anyone who reads me

I went to Jongleurs in Leicester on 4th March and met a really nice guy i do believe his name is Neil, but dont hold me to that one i was kind of tipsy to say the least.  I remember that i was just about to give him my number when i was rudely pulled away from him (Friends can be so annoying at times) to go get in a taxi to go home.  I really did like him and im kicking myself now for not getting his number or giving him mine.  If anyone out there reads this and knows of him or maybe its you and can remember me, please contact me on my email addy, it would be great if i could find him and meet him again!



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