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Re: Kenwood open air swimming pool
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 I spent a lot of time at Kenwood in my mid-teens. I remember being allowed to go there as part of my school PE lessons whilst at Guthlaxton. Time was spent sunbathing on the island in the middle of the pool. But boy! the water was always freezing cold. Before that my brother and I had paid swimming lessons at the Aylestone baths which involved us having to swim lengths to cover half a mile whist the instructor went and had a cup of tea. We also went to Linwood boys and remember having to carry benches from there to the baths for the annual swimming gala. In my early days at Linwood we played rugby on Aylestone park - always in the fog. Do you remember those old football boots with leather studs nailed on the bottom and the nails cutting your feet?  Linwood provided an excellent education for me, I have retired after teaching for 39 years, in Essex. and many of the practices Linwood taught me I have been able to use in my own teaching.


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Re: Kenwood open air swimming pool
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Sorry folks..I have no recollation of the pool however my mother gradmother and uncles auts lived on Broughton rd!!!!

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