Author Topic: How secure do you feel in the middle of the City center.  (Read 1303 times)


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I am not sure when I started to feel that Leicester had lost its dignity, its self respect, its decency but most of all it' sense of security. Yet it has.
I was out on Saturday walking past boots with my fiancé in brand daylight at 2pm'ish. We were walking hand in hand talking about what we were going to do that night, what we were going to cook.
1 min: Suddenly, whilst surrounded by nearly 100 people 2 groups of young women start to swear and scream on the top's of their lungs all kinds of profanity. Then it escalated to threats of violence......
Seeing where this was going I looked around for a police officer. I assumed being in the middle of the city on one of its most busy streets filled with customers there would be a police officer (I was very wrong). I thought what about a security guard.
3 mins: All the guards who had stopped looking for shop lifters and who actually had direct radio links to the police (city watch) decided it was too much paperwork and disappeared back into their shops.
That road (in fact the city center) has many CCTV cameras that my council tax pays for surly a camera operator will see this and the police will be on the way.
6 mins have passed by then the young women are at the hair pulling stage and pushing stage. Some of the other women on both sides have their (expensive) smart phones out taking pictures and calling in more friends for re-enforcements. I am still looking for a police officer people are now walking down the left and right hand sides of the street. The last time I checked millions of council tax money was spent on this to make the Leicester city center look great for visitors to the city so Leicester might rival Birmingham and Nottingham as shopping destinations. Shops lost much revenue as the street was dug up and repaved only months previous. Now paying customers have to step around these people because it seems like the perfect place to have a mini pitched battle.
10 mins in the first blow on the jaw of one of the young women is thrown! It connects! Her intended target staggers from the blow, the punching pugilist and her group of friends are now more confident baying the budding Michelle Tyson to inflict more damage on her opponent.
I call 0116 2222222 for the police and am hold for an age. The phone line then goes dead.
We decide to walk further up towards the train station. We surely must encounter a police officer or a PCSO. We then see 4 traffic wardens putting tickets on cars. My fiancé says maybe they can help. We ask and he states call 0116 2222222 as it’s not his problem.
We have been forced to spend millions of our tax payer’s cash on updating the look of our city center.
However thugs are allowed in daylight to do what they want. We are told security guards work with the police but I saw no sign of that. We are always on security camera and pay a premium in council tax for them to keep us safe. Yet they failed.
We need police to keep law and order and to protect. The public. The businesses. The investment that you and me paid for in the cities referb. However the only laws that are looked proactively in any major detail seem to be the parking laws.
The last time I checked we had a police station located in the heart of the city center.
The real joke is as I was walking home I saw a police VAN with 3 of the most overweight officers I have seen. Get out and walk into a kebab shop they all looked reminiscent of Nick frost out of Hot Fuzz.
Is this what Leicester has become? Because we have no actual police physically on foot .to actually arrest or force this scum to remove themselves from the city center, our hard paid for investment is going down the toilet.

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