Author Topic: volunteers wanted for sports massage case studies  (Read 1324 times)

Material girl

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Hi. I am studying for a BTEC in sports massage, and am looking for case studies. I need people who have injuries through sporting or physical activity. this could be anything from a pulled muscle, damaged joints tennis elbow, etc.
Treatment is completely free, and you would need to commit to at least 4 treatments. If anyone is interested please reply.


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Re: volunteers wanted for sports massage case studies
« Reply #1 on: 16:28:24, 16/06/17 »
Hi Sara,

I've had Patella Tendonitus on my left knee that still causes me aggreviation after corrective surgery.

I've also just finished treatment, if you call it that at the Glenfield hospital on my right shoulder / collar bone as I have tendonitus there also, but just had a steroid injection to cure.

If this ad is still applicable, please get in touch.

Kind regards

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