Author Topic: BBC Mayoral Debate - can you attend?  (Read 1330 times)


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BBC Mayoral Debate - can you attend?
« on: 21:34:37, 24/03/11 »
The BBC (local radio in Leicester and TV East Midlands) are staging a live debate with all the candidates standing for elected mayor.

It is on Wednesday 13 April at Curve, Leicester. 6.15pm for live on air at 7.00pm.

The BBC needs a varied and representative audience. Would you like to attyend?

It is FREE, You can submit a question, but you don't have to.

Please email me if you would like a ticket.


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Re: BBC Mayoral Debate - can you attend?
« Reply #1 on: 11:29:31, 26/03/11 »
No disrespect to you Steve but why do we need another Mayor.  We have droves of experts running this City or should be.  They are paid to do a job.  So why do they need to call in so many consultants to help them do the job they are paid to do?  Why another leach.  Then what many ask is who are the independent panel who will fix the Mayors fees perks and all his/her hangers on.   The same usual faces of ex councillors and mates how can that be independent?  Then who will sort out the questions put to these people?   Then we come to the Council inner circle or Cabinet who control what the council approves  as Councillor Draycott said I have no input any more the clique run the show.  So why do we need so many councillors being paid for sitting around with no say in what goes on.  This council treats the tax payers with contempt and an never ending source of expenses for them.    8)

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