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Leicester Genealogy / Lunn family Leicester
« Last post by bennieidele on 22:21:38, 26/04/19 »
hi does anyone know if the whiteley family have moved from 40 st marys road llandudno please thanks
Any know where I could get a operating manual in English for a  saijo Denki SJ-W air con unit. Everything I can get online is in thai.
Leicester Chat / Moving to Leicester
« Last post by bennieidele on 03:41:32, 25/04/19 »
Nice server  Are you running this from a home connection or do you have a datacenter location for it?
Whats on in Leicester / Amit Chatterjee coming to Leicester
« Last post by bennieidele on 15:54:33, 24/04/19 »
great upgrade george, works on chrome on my xp pc all ok, will take a look on my vista laptop which has chrome aswell, also have my android tablet which has chrome
General Chat / ban ban ban
« Last post by bennieidele on 02:27:42, 24/04/19 »
I ban yo for being crazy. :lol:

P.s. glad the game is working here and you are enjoying yourselves. 

Thank you.
Yep, thats the sort of thing Im looking for - Toggis you say, I will track them down tonight - Thanks
Anyone read this book by Milton Osbourne? LL? Quite interesting so far and I always enjoy these types of adventure books, but wondering about its accuracy.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: my old school
« Last post by Wingercop on 20:23:02, 16/04/19 »
Hello I attended Linwood School 1961— 1966. Great times lived on Fayrhurst Road. Jack Curtis Head. Mr Cantrell deputy. Chiltern Harris Chippy Dee Evans Muskott Gus Warwick. Etc...5 years failed most exams brother Tony.....Dusty before me. Now passed away. I’m 68. Loved my time on the Saffo.
Jokes & Funnies / THE FUNNY SIDE
« Last post by ronaldvam on 03:59:30, 16/04/19 »
It was also nice that for the longest time, if you owned a Ford you only had one oil filter that fit everything.
Leicester History and Expats / Royal Leicestershire Regd
« Last post by ronaldvam on 23:05:34, 12/04/19 »
what was the story about the german plane that offloaded some munitions in main street and the royal hotel in ww2, killing someone in main street?
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