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Thread resurrection!
We were just discussing the fab times we had at The Attik, back in the 80s-90s:  Maurice Coleman crooning and strumming in the corner, great vibe, wifey even spent some of her hen night here!

Failing to find any online recording of the great Maurice: donít suppose anyone has any?
General Chat / Re: Claim to fame - What is yours ?
« Last post by Tina Harrison on 20:26:07, 05/01/19 »
I flew back from Ireland with Gordan Ramsey....I lived next to Kevin Finigan(boxer)...and probably a few more had I taken the time to notice! I'm one of those that is not too good at recognising those who are in the media. :-\
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Murder on Elm Street
« Last post by Tina Harrison on 19:58:39, 05/01/19 »
Seasons Greetings
My advice would be to look at the local newspapers at the time.
I do recall the Green Bicycle murder...which was never solved.
Good luck with your research!
Leicester History and Expats / Murder on Elm Street
« Last post by Wyvernian on 19:48:23, 30/12/18 »
Hello all and season's greetings.
I wonder if anyone can help me with something that I've been trying to research for some years. Back in the 60's or possibly very early 70's, there was a murder on Elm Street, where my grandparents lived.
Elm Street is long gone, but used to be adjacent to Forest Road, along with Oak and Ash Street.
I'm guessing l was around ten years old and I used to spend the weekdays of school holidays with my grandparents, as both my mum and dad worked full time. When l arrived one morning I vividly remember that bloodstains on the pavement had been covered with dustbin lids. There was talk of a drunken fight, and of a Scotsman being involved. I'm not sure if he was the victim or the killer, or indeed whether it wasn't simply gossip. Apparently the victim had been stabbed.
My grandparents didn't really say much in answer to my questions. In those days terraced streets were still very tight knit communities and very judgemental. I imagine the "respectable" folk of the street preferred to sweep it under the carpet.
To be honest, l soon lost interest. I had a lot of friends around there and we had plenty to keep us occupied. It's only as I've become older that I've become curious. Murders didn't seem so commonplace then, but I can't seem to find anything about it.
Any help most appreciated.
Leicester Chat / Re: Moving to Leicester
« Last post by theelix1 on 06:17:12, 27/12/18 »
Hi, i am new on this.

Leicester Chat / Festive greetings
« Last post by Tina Harrison on 19:41:10, 23/12/18 »
Hi all forum...I've been on this for some time and gained some valuable information in relation to my search for Steve Kelly who worked at the Bell Hotel. Sadly I come to the end of another year without being successful however my search continues.
I'd like to thank those of you who have assisted on the way and offered me hope.
I wish you all a merry Christmas and the best for 2019!!
Keep posting!!!
General Chat / Re: do you like the boxing??
« Last post by Tina Harrison on 19:33:30, 23/12/18 »
I do love boxing...however I always think about the barbaric side!a mirror image historically of a captivated audience watching 2 people fighting for pleasure...things don't really change...they just appear in a different way.
General Chat / Re: do you like the boxing??
« Last post by alamal1 on 05:28:59, 19/12/18 »
I love boxing. It is my passion. أحدث السيارات في دبي
General Chat / Re: How to make on it
« Last post by Tina Harrison on 21:08:07, 08/12/18 » do you do what? :)
General Chat / How to make on it
« Last post by WilliamAroup on 16:14:05, 30/11/18 »
How many times have I been asked how I do this, I decided to record a video about this
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