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Title: still searching
Post by: THarrison on 09:31:22, 07/05/16
Hi to all...haven't been on the forum for a while as I have been busy with a project I am running...However I am still desperately searching for my birth father Steve Kelly who worked at the Bell Hotel in 1969. With all the media coverage around Leicester City football (whoop whoop) I thought the maybe it may bring my father to me somhow?if hes alive and kicking...i have no doubt that he will have thought back to past events and will come ans find me... his daughter....well if anyone has any information at all li kwd to the hotel or how to trace absent parents please get in touch as i have hit a brick wall once again and run out of ideas...but i am still hopful that i will find him or he will find me.....now that would be a goal!!!!
Title: Re: still searching
Post by: Janet on 20:03:43, 16/06/16
Hi Tina,  Sorry to see you have got no further with your search.  Just a thought, but have you ever considered getting touch with the programme "Long Lost Families"?   I understand how frustrating it is.  I've got nowhere trying to find my father, although I've got even less than you to go on.  Out of curiosity I've just typed in your father's name on Ancestry, but apart from not knowing where he came from there were loads of men with the same name, which is as I expected.   Oh well, we just keep trying.   Best wishes, Janet
Title: Re: still searching
Post by: Gillian Mary Clarke on 14:50:38, 18/07/16
Have you tried the Salvation Army, they can find relatives'
 for you if you have some information? Might be worth a try.
Title: Re: still searching
Post by: THarrison on 14:51:24, 01/01/17
Hi yes i have unfortunately they tend not to get involved with finding a lost parent who is not named in the birth certificate.  :(
Title: Re: still searching
Post by: Janet on 16:51:27, 28/03/17
Hi Tina,  I've noticed recently that people are posting notices on Facebook about tracing family members.  Another avenue to try perhaps?   best wishes, Janet
Title: Re: still searching
Post by: Tina Harrison on 18:26:24, 14/08/17
Many thanks...I do have a bell hotel face book with the hope somone will get in touch and worked there!
My search continues! !! ???