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Snowman,  I think you where born at what was called BOND STREET MATERNITY< now a tax office building on Causeway Lane. This I know as I trained at Bond Street in 1968/69 as as midwife.  We where told that the hospital was made up of several buildings. A pharmacy/three cottages and the entrance of the Coal Board office.  No wonder that I walked passed it when I went for my interview.

Hope this is some use to you.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Bitteswell Aerodrome
« Last post by rebbonk on 12:30:09, 16/05/17 »
Cheers Clive, I'm a member of those groups  O0
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Bitteswell Aerodrome
« Last post by Clive Cartwright on 08:59:33, 13/04/17 »
You may find some info on RAF Bitteswell (Lutterworth) here:

(Although the link doesn't appear to be working today???)

There's also references to it on this forum, too:
Dear Clive,

Thank you for your message and for your interest in my project.

My research is now finished. I had lots of enquiries about the project after the Leicester Mercury and Radio Leicester did pieces on it for me back in November 2015. The research was fascinating and I learned a lot about the local history of the time with the help of my interviewees.

However, I will have a look at the website link you sent me - once interested, always interested I think!

Kind Regards

Leicester Genealogy / Re: still searching
« Last post by Janet on 16:51:27, 28/03/17 »
Hi Tina,  I've noticed recently that people are posting notices on Facebook about tracing family members.  Another avenue to try perhaps?   best wishes, Janet
Leicester History and Expats / Re: WW11 G.I. BABES
« Last post by Clive Cartwright on 09:46:52, 24/03/17 »
Hello Dee, you might find this account interesting, especially the last paragraph:

Might that have been your father???
Have you had much luck on your research?
There's some reference to POW's amongst this list of personal memoirs submitted by people over the years.

Aylestone Park Residents Group have already looked into this -

(quote from e-mail)

 [size=78%]Thank you for contacting us about the bombing during the Second World War on Cavendish and Saffron Hill Road.[/size]

We already have permission from the Church of the Nativity to install the War Memorial to commemorate the six civilians killed in the attack. It is proposed to fix it to the side of the Church on Cavendish Road just above the door.
The latest version for the War Memorial is attached. It is going to be A4 in size and stainless steel because it would last longer.
Three people have responded to the appeal in “The Leicester Mercury”.  One was going by the area and saw the bombs dropped. Another went out for the day despite her objections to return home to a bombed out building. The third was in one of the houses that was destroyed in the attack. Taken to the temporary morgue and by fate or chance, found to be still alive!
The Church is planning a Service of Dedication to be held on Sunday, 20th August. The Morning Service starts at 10.30am. You are most welcome to attend.
We are hoping to mount a small exhibition of pictures of the bombing in the School Hall of the Church over the weekend of the service.

If there isn't, there should be one!

A Civilian Roll of Honour of all who died in Leicestershire during the Second World War was printed. You can see the book in the Records Office, Wigston. The list can also be seen on the Wartime Leicestershire website too.

There's loads of books on the subject, too: Do check out this reading list!

Leicester History and Expats / Leicester Gasworks Lido
« Last post by John254 on 16:46:54, 17/03/17 »
While searching for information about the gasworks, it was mentioned that St Marys Mill Lock on the canal near the Saffron Lane gasworks was once used as a swimming area. Does anyone have any information about when it was last used as such?
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