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The first book on that list gives an excellent account of the event, along with photographs of the affected houses. The book is available from Leicester Libraries.  8)
Yes, that was the first raid on the city.
A number of books state this, and I’ll list them below for further reference:  :)

“Tested by Bomb and Flame: Leicester versus Luftwaffe Air Raids 1939-1945” by Austin J. Ruddy.
“But for These Things - Leicester and its People in WWII” by Vincent Holyoak
“Birds Eye Wartime Leicestershire 1939-1945: Maps and Aerial Photographs: A Synoptic View of Wartime Leicestershire” by Terence Clive Cartwright
“Birds Eye Wartime Leicester 1939-1945: A Synoptic View of Wartime Leicester” by Terence Clive Cartwright
“Wartime Leicester” by Ben Beazley
“The Blitz Then and Now - Volume 2” by Winston G. Ramsey

To list but a few.
Leicester Chat / Harvey's Nightclub
« Last post by ninnie on 16:06:32, 02/03/17 »
Hi, I am looking for anyone who worked at Harvey's nightclub in the  late 80s/early 90s. Or attended Harvey's and may know what the song played at the end of the night was called. I'm led to believe that they played the same song at the end of every night.

The reason why I'm looking for this song is because my uncle died recently and he use to work at harvey's and it was his favourite song but no one can remember what it is called. I know its a long shot but if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

Leicester History and Expats / Re: Baileys night club
« Last post by Springchicken on 21:08:07, 25/02/17 »
Just 'avin a quiet night in looking at Marmalade videos on youtube and my thoughts turned to great nights at Baileys. Can't believe what I used to do in those days; leaving Ibstock and calling for my mate Geoff at Blaby, having a 'skinful' and dropping him back home before returning to mine about 3am. So loved Jimmy Ruffin, I saw him 3 times in a week! - think he'd broken or badly sprained his foot at the time. Was anyone at one of Alvin Stardust's shows when he made a point of mentioning his lead guitarist who was around 16 or 17 at the time; often wondered who he was and what he became?

My mum was also evacuated to Wayside from London's East end , I was born in Oct 1942. I found a photo of the old house a long time ago, cant find it again. If anyone has a photo , would be nice to see it again .
Leicester History and Expats / Highfields riots
« Last post by Popester on 09:02:54, 24/02/17 »
Does anyone remember the race riots in Highfields in or around 1999? They were allegedly started because of a fight between a black and an Asian family, and ended up with people being attacked because of their colour. I'm white and was attacked by a gang of Asian blokes that evening, and the police asked me to keep it quiet as they were worried media interest would cause them to spread.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Baileys night club
« Last post by the_motownman on 16:42:30, 23/02/17 »
yep that's one of the guys I knew. just assumed he was ex forces. bout same size as me although I was broader. ok geezer. my name is wal. some called me wally at that time, days before it meant silly git pmsl. others at the time were, frank parish head doorman, indian called gammy or summut like that, Winston,  Ronnie heggarty ( passed away last year ). loads of others. I left and went to other nightspots around the country then into close protection. there was a reunion of sorts 3yrs ago I didn't go. some good days before the bullshit clocked on. I don't think bren was there for long, decent doorman. we opted to be called attendants then, still bouncers though. haha.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Baileys night club
« Last post by tonyk on 10:08:47, 23/02/17 »
Hi Mowtownman, you're right with the name but Bren's not an ex squaddie.  He is about 5'6" and has a name tattooed on his fingers.  They're still together and live in Wigston.  What's your name? Were you known as Mowtownman back then? will ask him if he remembers you.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Baileys night club
« Last post by the_motownman on 11:48:48, 20/02/17 »
I knew 2 brens. one was oleary ex squaddie I think.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Baileys night club
« Last post by tonyk on 21:33:15, 19/02/17 »
Hi all,

just found this thread.  My Dad used to work the door at Baileys (Bren) and met my mum there.  While he was working I used to sit with my mum up on the balcony to the right of the stage. Remember seeing the Drifters among others.

If anyone organising another reunion at some point I'm sure they'd love to know about it.


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