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Leicester Chat / Re: Charny
« Last post by Susie59 on 22:31:14, 19/06/16 »
My dad used to take me to charny on Saturday afternoons when I was about 4 yrs old back in 1963. He loved it and I loved the little toys he would buy me. I do have a vague memory of it but don't remember the area going. Was it all on Charnwood road?
Leicester Genealogy / Re: still searching
« Last post by Janet on 20:03:43, 16/06/16 »
Hi Tina,  Sorry to see you have got no further with your search.  Just a thought, but have you ever considered getting touch with the programme "Long Lost Families"?   I understand how frustrating it is.  I've got nowhere trying to find my father, although I've got even less than you to go on.  Out of curiosity I've just typed in your father's name on Ancestry, but apart from not knowing where he came from there were loads of men with the same name, which is as I expected.   Oh well, we just keep trying.   Best wishes, Janet
Accommodation available / Re: linwood boys school 1970-1974
« Last post by Lesmond on 20:03:39, 22/05/16 »
Went Linwood boy up until 1971 was in Mr reese Class, had the cane from Jack curtis :(
Leicester Chat / Re: Lido
« Last post by Lesmond on 20:01:24, 22/05/16 »
Remember the Lido well, used to go there in the 60's has child, and Saturday morning in the troc 
Leicester Chat / Re: Lido
« Last post by Johned on 17:23:18, 20/05/16 »
Well recall the old Troc cinema on the garage site.  In 1954 we had to form a military guard of honour from Glen Para Barracks on the steps to welcome various celebs attending the premiere outside London of the "Colditz Story" film. Over sixty years ago; where has all that time gone?  Troc pictures and pool gone, who'd have thought it?
Leicester Chat / Re: We have a quite good football team!
« Last post by smudge on 13:34:49, 20/05/16 »
We have a very very good Football Team :) :)
Leicester Chat / Re: Welcome to Leicester Forum - Please read.
« Last post by smudge on 13:33:11, 20/05/16 »
I was born there............... October 1954
Leicester Chat / Lido
« Last post by tsmiggy on 13:29:21, 20/05/16 »
Does anyone remember the LIDO,near the then TROC,now the Shell Garage Uppingham Road.
Leicester Chat / Re: Charny
« Last post by tsmiggy on 13:26:42, 20/05/16 »
Was the clothes shop............... The Three Sisters
Leicester Chat / Re: Charny
« Last post by tsmiggy on 13:26:08, 20/05/16 »
I  remember them well  :)
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