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Leicester Chat / Re: Charny
« Last post by tsmiggy on 13:26:42, 20/05/16 »
Was the clothes shop............... The Three Sisters
Leicester Chat / Re: Charny
« Last post by tsmiggy on 13:26:08, 20/05/16 »
I  remember them well  :)
Leicester History and Expats / Eastbourne Street and Worthing Street
« Last post by POLAR on 08:04:05, 09/05/16 »
Can anyone confirm where Eastbourne Street and Worthing Street (both now demolished and
re-developed) were in Leicester ?

Leicester History and Expats / Re: Castle inn city centre
« Last post by POLAR on 07:42:21, 09/05/16 »
The pub (now closed) on Castle View has had various names, but for the period 1860-1900 it was called the
'Old Castle'.  From Trade Directories there were 6 landlords during that period -
1861-64   Thomas Addison
1864-81   Mrs. Elizabeth Stevenson
1882-84   Benjamin Walker
1885-92   Charles Pilgrim
1895-98   John R. Dean
1898-99   Jas. Cooper Beaumont

I have no information as to which of these had been a bargee, but if interested, you can find an
information sheet (which includes photographs) of this and many hundreds of The Past And Present Pubs Of
Leicestershire And Rutland on my website at

Leicester was at one time the "end" of the M1, and with a far wind and light traffic, you could easily make it to London in an hour. The communities were somewhat linked, and not just for fun reasons. This was the time when gangs were rife, the Krays and Richardsons in London, and Leicester was an easy place to expand their interests. The clubs and coffee bars weren't just places to pass the time.
I used to go to the imaginatively titled The Coffee Bar in Welford Road, just before the New Street turnoff. Upstairs the local folk clubs and blues clubs met.
My great uncle owned the Nite Owl and a few cafes in the area, Forest Road, The White Cat Coffee Club. My Grandma, known to all as Irish Norah, ran the White Cat for him and lived there with my Mum, Aunts & Uncle.

My Aunts worked the bar at the Nite Owl, which served only soft drinks - the bar was so busy they strapped a ruler to the soda pumps with elastic bands so they could pour three drinks at once.
Leicester Genealogy / still searching
« Last post by THarrison on 09:31:22, 07/05/16 »
Hi to all...haven't been on the forum for a while as I have been busy with a project I am running...However I am still desperately searching for my birth father Steve Kelly who worked at the Bell Hotel in 1969. With all the media coverage around Leicester City football (whoop whoop) I thought the maybe it may bring my father to me somhow?if hes alive and kicking...i have no doubt that he will have thought back to past events and will come ans find me... his daughter....well if anyone has any information at all li kwd to the hotel or how to trace absent parents please get in touch as i have hit a brick wall once again and run out of ideas...but i am still hopful that i will find him or he will find that would be a goal!!!!
Leicester Chat / Re: Welcome to Leicester Forum - Please read.
« Last post by Dawn66 on 07:38:54, 13/04/16 »
New at this.  Trying to find out more info on bond street maternity hospital.  I was born there but lived my life in the north of england, all i have is my birth certificate.  I was born on the 7/6/1966, 
Any info help please
Leicester Chat / Driving practice areas
« Last post by LittleBrain on 04:01:48, 10/04/16 »

Does anyone know any area to practice driving in Leicester or nearby? I am looking for area like abandoned aerodrome or something with no other cars around.

Appreciate any help
Leicester Chat / Re: Handball in Rutland,Leicester
« Last post by lemonita on 11:20:27, 27/03/16 »
Hello. I'm looking for a handball team in Leicester. I played for few years and missing so much. If anyone knows something please let me know. :) thanks  8)
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