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General Chat / Level Crossing Questionnaire
« Last post by nanaandrea on 16:57:35, 14/03/16 »
Dear all,

My name is Nana Andrea and I am a fourth year student of MEng Mechanical Engineering from
University of Nottingham. For my final year project, I am conducting research on risk perception and intended behaviours at railway level crossings in United Kingdom. This questionnaire asks about risky behaviours that are observed at level crossings based on your experience as a pedestrian or car driver.
This survey would take about 20 minutes and no personal information is required. All response are strictly confidential. You must be aged 18 and above to participate in this survey. For every completed survey, we will donate 50p to Railway Benefit Fund to support railway workers in need. This incentive applies to the first 100 participants.

Please send me a message where I will send the link to the survey. Please feel free to pass this survey on to your contacts. Your opinions and time on the questionnaire is greatly appreciated. Thank you for the help.

Nana Andrea
Leicester Genealogy / Re: Lunn family Leicester
« Last post by curtk001 on 16:45:49, 07/03/16 »
I went to Merrydale school with Alan Lunn and Patrick Lunn in the sixties, they also had a sister.
Patrick was a taxi driver in Leicester when i saw him years ago. They all had reddish ghair.
Leicester Chat / Re: Charny
« Last post by Barry Pole on 04:21:19, 27/02/16 »
Charny, paddy swaggs, and the shop our mum use to take us for our school clothes. Good memory
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Baileys night club
« Last post by ahmed ougherb on 02:20:49, 27/02/16 »
 hi i am ahmed  from algeria the baileys for me  its  great memories , great time  ex student at leicester polytechnic  coming frorm algeria , in the baileys was my first dance ,  going to this place every monday  and friday 
i spend a lot of time i mean the great time with friends  in this wide and confortable  nignt club  , the dj was fantastique
that was fourty years ago  who doesn't know the bar manager  big ted really i miss leicester and the 354 huberstone road where i lived
oh i can't continue......
Leicester History and Expats / Dunlop
« Last post by Tilly on 10:42:50, 21/02/16 »
Does anyone know anything about the St Mary Mills Dunlop Fire brigade. All I know is that Dunlop had their own small private fire service. Looking for grandpa who served in it. Any memories or pictures would be good. Many Thanks
Leicester History and Expats / Castle inn city centre
« Last post by Tilly on 17:58:31, 20/02/16 »
I am looking for family folk that I have been told ran the Castle Inn/Pub in Castle View near Leicester Castle.  I think they might have been there between 1860 to 1900. The only clue I have is that they may have been bargees before taking on the pub. Can anyone help and tell me were I might find this info.  Thank you
Leicester Genealogy / George Watmough
« Last post by hcostello on 10:18:30, 08/02/16 »
I am trying to find out more about George Watmough, a builder from Pitt Lane in Coleorton who spent time in Buchenwald concentration camp as a POW. I'd especially like to know if he has any descendants I could get in touch with.
Leicester Chat / Re: Moving to Leicester
« Last post by Barry Pole on 18:44:39, 03/02/16 »
Yes stay well clear of the city, Rothley, Quorn, Barrow on Soar, or around this area. Obviously Leicester is no different to many places some good some bad, however you do need to think ahead for College and University travel. Who your children interact with will have a profound impact on them, choose wisely.
Leicester Chat / Re: Welcome to Leicester Forum - Please read.
« Last post by petethefeet on 14:48:44, 19/01/16 »
 I am from Leicester but have not lived there for decades - I still have family there whom I visit two-three time a year .
 this is the first time I have posted in this forum .
 I am 63 years old - I wonder does anyone rememeber the granby at the clocktowre and top rank - I used to knock around the old fanny brown when i was a youth - anyone form thast time late sixties to mid seventies /
 the clubs I remember were Nite Owl adam and Eve , top rank , time and place  - the George at the clock tower .

Leicester History and Expats / happy new year? ??
« Last post by THarrison on 19:09:39, 16/01/16 »
...I ami all..not been on for a while! Hope you alleenjoyed a relaxing festive break? the new year kicks in just wanted to say that the search for my birth father continues....Please if anyone has any links to the bell hotel in Leicester (which sadly gone now) do drop me an email [email protected]
...i am also looking to talk to people who have been affected by exclusion. ..check out
Working hard. ..not much play at the moment. .but think this is a great group and although my visits are not as often as they were. ...I wouldn't for get it! !!
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