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Leicester Chat / Fleckney anyone live there it know the area
« Last post by Henrybioth on Today at 02:30:12 »
Hi guys anyone know what the clear wrap that comes with the boot jack etc when new is called could do with some
many thanks

Leicester Genealogy / looking for lost family
« Last post by Henrybioth on Yesterday at 19:26:39 »
I would like to thank you and the others for their help in finding my family as well as the church my Great Grandparents worshiped in.  Please forward my thanks to the team
Looking for family or friends / john graves
« Last post by Henrybioth on Yesterday at 03:33:47 »
I was incorrect about the month of birth for John Pelley. The record I had found was June 1849 and his wife was born in February
Looking for family or friends / Davis Family
« Last post by Henrybioth on 15:14:25, 18/03/19 »
Hi Karen,

Im new to the NGB Message Boards. I saw your query about the Davis family. Im sorry I cant tell you if your Davis line is connected to Davis House. I find the Davis line in Newfoundland is hard to trace. I dont think there are too many of them. My great-grandfather was William Davis of Bonavista but I hit a brick wall at him. Nothing. Not even a birthdate. Or where he came from. Glad to hear youve had much better luck.

Happy hunting.

Barb Hicks in Toronto
Good luck with your searches. If there is any thing I can help with do let me know.
Yes this is an open forum however I am happy for you to email if you would like to discuss things confidentially. Many thanks for sharing what you have is indeed interesting especially ..the the Bell...your dad's name Steve....the fact he was a commis you saying he played on the street to make money(I do know my dad was a guitarist) also the dates were correct quite a few simularies to say the least.
I sincerely wish you all the best !
[email protected]
Just found this site while looking for any comments on 1960s Leicester. Met my future husband at the Chicane (he was one of the owners). Also used to go to the Cauldron, the cellar bar under a pub opposite the train station, the Chameleon etc. The Bowling Green was a favourite pub but I was seriously underage at the time. I think I celebrated my 16th birthday there while Dennis was in charge. Happy memories.
Leicester Chat / What is leicester missing
« Last post by Henrybioth on 04:57:23, 18/03/19 »
What could you do with all that money in cash? You could spend a proportion of it but the rest youd have to have laundered in some way. Too complicated. Might grab a slack-handful of it though.
Hi tina as I explained my mum wasn't capable of keeping me so I was placed in care then adopted  she didn't have any photos not that I was given anything all I was stating was there was a connection with you snd I ie the bell hotel  this isn't a private forum and I'm not prepared to put personal details in here good luck in your search as iv explained all I know  it's intersting to find someone who has similarities regarding the bell I don't believe we are connected it was just the the bell
Hi Kelly
Now...that is interesting.
What was your mum's name?
Did she have any pictures of this Steve?
The guy was called steve didn't recall my mum telling me surname sorry my mum worked there but then left to hsve me  I grew up in care as she couldn't cope but I didn't have superviseductive access with mum and I loved her to the end I miss her every day x
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