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     The plane was a Wellington bomber.It was a fabric covered so a fire could have burnt away fabric effecting control.
    A little more details of the crew please note the spelling of the names ,

 F/Sgt. Roger W. Bagley, 1237237 (Pilot) of Cannock, Staffs.
 Sgt. Richard A. Owens, 1410618 (Nav) of Llanvair Kilgeddin, Wales
 Sgt. George A. Long, R/156117, RCAF, (A/Bom) of Toronto, Ontario
 Sgt. Ronald W.B. Pimm, 656841 (WOP/AG) of Walworth, London
 Sgt. John J. Davidge 1803836 (AG) of Dagenham, Essex

 The date and the location does not match but I wondering if this is the one.

   The plane was a Wellington X9638 it toke off Castle Donington on 07/08/43 .The book command losses Volume 7 gives the information below.

     " T/o 0137 Castle Donington for a night detail during which the No.2 cylinder barrel on the port engine fractured.This led to the unit catching fire and sending the Wellington down to crash 0203 near the airfield. "

      The crew was 
                           F/S  R W Bagley
                           Sgt  R A Owens
                           Sgt  G A  Long  RCAF
                           Sgt  D W B Pimm
                           Sgt  J J Davidge

       Sgt Long RCAF rests in Oxford ( Botley ) Cemetery ,Sgt Davidge lies in Burton-on-the-Wolds Cemetery , the others were claimed by the relatives.
    Any known if this book will be put in to print ?
    I got this answer from the people at were going to print it Halsgrove Publishing.
    " Unfortunately we never published Austin Ruddy’s followup book -  I have looked on amazom and can find no mention of it so assume it was never printed.  I have spoken to our Commissioning Editors and there are no plans to print it in the immediate future.

Leicester History and Expats / Re: Daniel Lambert 1770-1809
« Last post by timwalker on 14:31:55, 22/10/18 »

Sorry to have missed you in Stamford... could you possibly try contacting me again as I don't have any details for you.

Thank you.

Leicester Chat / How to get Nolvadex?
« Last post by NolvaLob on 11:20:45, 30/09/18 »
Have to begin with examining what we are about when we do medicine what it is...
Leicester History and Expats / Re: 'Wayside'
« Last post by John Galley on 14:37:25, 21/09/18 »
I was born 1943 at wayside would to see photos
Leicester History and Expats / Re: my old school
« Last post by Topper on 14:04:46, 21/09/18 »
I lived on the ElstonFields, played Rugby for Liwood and three times for Leicestershire Boy's rugby team. I was also a Prefect at Linwood in 1953/54.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: The Bell Hotel Leicester
« Last post by Tina Harrison on 17:45:59, 21/08/18 »
Any other names come to mind? I'm searching for a Steve Kelly who worked and lived there for a short while probably in his late 60s now..he may have been from London...described as a bit of a hippy!and played the guitar too...May have been a commis chef or bell boy.
Any help is much appreciated!
Leicester History and Expats / Re: The Bell Hotel Leicester
« Last post by Rudi on 09:03:04, 20/08/18 »
I worked at the Bell Hotel as waiter and I remember very well Mr Glass, the restaurant manager. The hotel was a testimony of the old Trust House standards. I went then to work at the Post House and certainly that was not the case.
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