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Leicester History and Expats / Re: Baileys night club
« Last post by Winker on Yesterday at 11:16:56 »
Regular visitor in the early 70's, enjoyed the caberet format, waitress service and pub style meals. Most memorable night was seeing Mud perform Tiger Feet etc. Also remeber seeing Helen Shapiro, my mate was besotted by her. Met a very attrative girl and having a dance to 10cc's Rubber Bullets.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Murder on Elm Street
« Last post by Winker on Yesterday at 10:03:58 »
I came accross your post whilst reasearching my childhood memories of Leicester. I can't help with your enquiry, but I used to live with my parents on Elm street between 1956 and 1960ish. I was six years old when we left. Had fond memories of the area despite it being pretty poor at the time. Used to play with a boy called Paul who lived on the opposite side of the road. Used to go to the school on Green Lane Road. I remeber wiating to hear the factory hooter sound when it was time for the workers to retun after lunch. That was also our reminder to return to school. Interesting to think of these old memories.
Leicester Chat / RAG BONEMEN
« Last post by Barrysex on 01:43:21, 14/07/19 »
Hello guys was just curious if you were selling a heroic Rag Kill yet.  Not interested in any gear just the title from the kill.  Let me know who I should talk to about this.

This was quite well-known on my mission - and it was framed as evidence of his post-resurrection ministry, like in the Book of Mormon.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: my old school
« Last post by Wingercop on 16:54:49, 12/07/19 »
Hello if there is anybody out there I am attempting to write a book and include my time at Linwood Boys school. Attended between 1962 to around 1967 five years. I am now 69 and would love to gather more detailed information than my brain holds. Trevor Rhodes...with older brother Tony Dusty gone to a better place. Thanks
Leicester Chat / what defines us
« Last post by Barrysex on 06:02:46, 12/07/19 »
I was wondering about that too. His disappearance was at such a convenient time. But then yesterday I heard he was in Kiev all the time?
Leicester History and Expats / Baileys night club
« Last post by Barrysex on 21:09:36, 08/07/19 »
Seeing all these nice sunset and night shots how about we organize a night shot for the club      Joel????
There are already a couple of other threads on the subject. On mobile and cant be bothered trying to find them.
Wow, youve given me a LOT of information there Shona  Where did you find all of that so quickly?  I actually have quite a bit of it myself, but itll take me a wee while to sort through everything youve said to see if I can match it all up.

I wondered if there might still be Carswells or Campbells from those families still living in Kintyre.  Its probably time for me to pay another visit to the area.  Ive been to Gartnagrenach and Whitehouse - very beautiful, and visited various cemetries, but it was quite some time ago.

Many, many thanks.  I do appreciate the trouble youve gone to.  Any other information you may have/find would be greatly appreciated.

Oh WOW I love it, this kit is loaded with yummies Thank you for the chance to win
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