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The guy was called steve didn't recall my mum telling me surname sorry my mum worked there but then left to hsve me  I grew up in care as she couldn't cope but I didn't have superviseductive access with mum and I loved her to the end I miss her every day x
My mum was older than him and it was just a random fling as I said iv never had the desire to find him  she told him she was pregnant but to be fair by the sound of it he was a lady's man some things are best left to sleep I don't have his name on b certificate  I took my mum's but ended up in care as she was a waste of space  I don't blame him he was young  and trying to learn a trade
Hi my dad was a commis chef at the bell and wages were rubbish so he busker ed in town centre
Looking for family or friends / Margaret Wood/Pratt
« Last post by Henrybioth on 14:20:17, 17/03/19 »
Hi All,

Im looking for solid wood stand for 125G or 150G. So the size should be 72"L x 18".

Any good deals or anyone making them custom with a good price?

Hi Kelly
...maybe we do have a connection beit the Bell Hotel!
The situation does sound familiar!
Are you comfortable in sharing your birth fathers name?
I have a lot of information 're the Bell Hotel.
I'm very happy to hear you had a positive upbringing.....yes good attitude Kelly...forward is indeed the way! And although our journey does not define remains important as part of who we are.
The wards were my adoptive family name through care homes I'm searching for siblings now thanks my mum worked at the bell  and she met my dad it wasn't a long relationship  just passing thing she said my mum passed away 3 years ago now on my birth certificate father unknow but she did tell me a fair amount his name and so forth she told him she was pregnant  he didn't show much excitement to be fair  my mum was a fling he continued to work thete until 1971 /2 I never took his name I took my mum's but I'm very positive you and I have a connection  I'm 51 now and have never had the urge to find him to be fair iv grown up happy and have made a good life for myself my mum had dementia and passed I look forward not backwards and enjoy who's around me my name was changed through adoption also kind regards
I have wards in my family....Rogerward is my uncle...he is probably near to 70 years of age.
Hi Kelly
I was born there in 1969. There is a little plaque where the building once stood.
I'm glad to hear you have found information!It's great especially when finding your roots!
I wish you all the best in your future searches!!
Leicester Genealogy / Re: searching for birth father
« Last post by Tina Harrison on 00:40:05, 17/03/19 »
Hi ...I'm 49 and yes I was born in Leicester.
Leicester Genealogy / Re: searching for birth father
« Last post by Kellymarie bacon on 00:13:32, 17/03/19 »
Hi Tina sorry for the intrusion may I ask how old you are and was you born in leicester
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